Wellbeing in the workplace: going beyond temporary resolutions

Wellbeing in the workplace: going beyond temporary resolutions

January brings a renewed focus on fitness for many in the UK. Trainers are being dusted off in an attempt at a healthier lifestyle so we are looking at what organisations are doing when it comes to the wellbeing of the people who work for them.

The Faces of a Vibrant Economy are no strangers to going the extra mile when it comes to caring about how people are faring in their roles. When asked about their commitment to the health of their people, some 80% of the 2017 Faces said they ‘actively’ take steps to encourage employee health and wellbeing: a trend seen across the public, private and third sectors.

Reading daily headlines about the challenges the NHS faces, it’s heartening to discover employers understand their responsibility in looking after their people’s health. An astounding 97% of the 2017 Faces said they take steps to encourage employee health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

Many of the Faces recognise that it is their people that allow organisations to thrive, and if they do not look after the health of their people, they will suffer. “The health and wellbeing of our dancers is paramount – otherwise we don’t have a business,” says Sharon Watson, Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds. The link between a team’s wellbeing and commercial success is echoed by Moneypenny founder Rachel Clacher, “If our team is well then they do great things for our clients.”

However, wellbeing extends to more than just the physical. A workforce that feels properly supported when it comes to maintaining good mental health is more likely to enjoy work, and in turn, perform to the best of their ability.

A recent Forbes article reports: “When we’re happy, we’re more likely to thrive at work and when we’re suffering our work suffers. This terrible cycle is detrimental to the workforce.”[1] This is backed by the Social Market Foundation, which revealed people are approximately 12% more productive when happy.[2]

This year’s Faces demonstrate how improved wellbeing in the workplace is an effective way to prepare for the future of work rather than focusing just on profits. The proof is in the pudding: mental health charity Mind recently launched their first ever ‘Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index’, which ranks companies in order of the quality of mental health support they offer.

Gone are the days when an employer’s responsibility for the wellbeing of its people stopped at health and safety checks. Workplaces are increasingly becoming healthy environments that promote better lifestyles and mental wellbeing. The result: increased productivity. Read more about the workplaces our Faces are building here.




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