Faces 2018

From jet aircraft manufacturers and farmers to local government leaders and dance school principals: these are just some of the 2018 Faces of a Vibrant Economy you can discover below. View their individual profiles to find who the Faces are, what motivates them and why they were chosen.


Phil Andrew - StepChange Debt Charity

Phil Andrew

CEO, StepChange Debt Charity

Jen Atkinson - ITC Travel

Jen Atkinson

CEO, ITC Travel

Mark Atkinson - Scope

Mark Atkinson

Chief Executive, Scope

Maria Ball - Quantum Care

Maria Ball

CEO, Quantum Care

Terry Barton - Kingdom Services Group

Terry Barton

Managing Director, Kingdom Services Group

David Batch - Premier Education Group

David Batch

CEO, Premier Education Group

Laura IH Bennett - Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

Laura IH Bennett

Private Sector Board Member, Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

Lynne Berry - Cass Business School

Lynne Berry

Executive Chair of Women’s Leadership Programme and Visiting Professor, Cass Business School

Peter Blencowe - Bluecrest Wellness

Peter Blencowe

Managing Director, Bluecrest Wellness

Eleanor Bowden - Abode Impact

Eleanor Bowden

CEO, Abode Impact

Janet Boyce - Bacanora Lithium

Janet Boyce

CFO, Bacanora Lithium

Steve Buckmaster - Asmodee UK

Steve Buckmaster

Managing Director, Asmodee UK

Steve Burton - Andusia Recovered Fuels

Steve Burton

Manager Director, Andusia Recovered Fuels

Steve Byrne - Travel Counsellors

Steve Byrne

CEO, Travel Counsellors

Johnny Caddick - Moda Living and Caddick Group

Johnny Caddick

Founder, Moda Living and Caddick Group

Deborah Cadman OBE - West Midlands Combined Authority

Deborah Cadman OBE

Chief Executive, West Midlands Combined Authority

James Cain OBE - Harrogate Water

James Cain OBE

Managing Director, Harrogate Water

James Capel - Simply Waste Solutions

James Capel

CEO and Founder, Simply Waste Solutions

Simon Dowson and Nick Carpenter - Delta Motorsport

Simon Dowson and Nick Carpenter

Founders and Directors, Delta Motorsport

Vishal Chatrath - PROWLER.IO

Vishal Chatrath

CEO and Founder, PROWLER.IO

Michelle Coburn-Hughes - The Fern Partnership

Michelle Coburn-Hughes

Managing Director, The Fern Partnership

Ruth Cooke -

Ruth Cooke

Lou Cordwell OBE - magneticNorth

Lou Cordwell OBE

CEO and Founder, magneticNorth

Louis-James Davis - VST Enterprises

Louis-James Davis

CEO and Founder, VST Enterprises

Steve Dimmick - doopoll

Steve Dimmick

Chief Commercial Officer, doopoll

James Duez - Rainbird Technologies

James Duez

Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Rainbird Technologies

Steve Dunlop - Scottish Enterprise

Steve Dunlop

Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise

Terry Edgell - Premier Forest Group

Terry Edgell

CEO and Co-founder, Premier Forest Group

Renée Elliott - Planet Organic and Beluga Bean

Renée Elliott

Founder and Co-founder, Planet Organic and Beluga Bean

Simon Erlanger - Isle of Harris Distillers

Simon Erlanger

Managing Director, Isle of Harris Distillers

David Evans MBE -

David Evans MBE

Joy Foster - TechPixies

Joy Foster

Founder, TechPixies

Lee Qian and Kate Fox - Baillie-Gifford – Positive Change Strategy

Lee Qian and Kate Fox

Investment Managers, Baillie-Gifford – Positive Change Strategy

Cheryl Giovannoni - The Girls’ Day School Trust

Cheryl Giovannoni

Chief Executive, The Girls’ Day School Trust

Peaches Golding OBE - City of Bristol

Peaches Golding OBE

Lord-Lieutenant, City of Bristol

Alex Goldsmith - Medigold Health

Alex Goldsmith

CEO, Medigold Health

C-J Green - ToVIP

C-J Green

CEO and Founder, ToVIP

Natasha Guerra - Runway East

Natasha Guerra

CEO and Co-founder, Runway East

Professor Steve Haake - Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre

Professor Steve Haake

Professor of Sports Engineering, Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre

Anisa Haghdadi - Beatfreeks Collective

Anisa Haghdadi

CEO and Founder, Beatfreeks Collective

Jay Hambro - GFG Alliance

Jay Hambro

Chief Investment Officer, GFG Alliance

Anj Handa - Inspiring Women Changemakers

Anj Handa

Founder, Inspiring Women Changemakers

Rachel Hannan -

Rachel Hannan

David Hartley - Wensleydale Creamery

David Hartley

Managing Director, Wensleydale Creamery

Matt Haworth - Reason Digital

Matt Haworth

Co-founder, Reason Digital

Mary Hurst - First Home London

Mary Hurst

CEO and Co-founder, First Home London

Jayne Hynes - Kiddyum

Jayne Hynes

CEO, Kiddyum

Peter Jarvis - Contechs

Peter Jarvis

Managing Director, Contechs

Saj Jetha - The Smarty Train

Saj Jetha

Founder, The Smarty Train

Mark John - Tramshed Tech

Mark John

Co-founder, Tramshed Tech

Catherine Johnstone CBE - Royal Voluntary Service

Catherine Johnstone CBE

CEO, Royal Voluntary Service

Jane Lambert - ECG

Jane Lambert

CEO and Founder, ECG

Darren Westlake and Luke Lang - Crowdcube

Darren Westlake and Luke Lang

Co-founders, Crowdcube

Jo Lardent - Vertas

Jo Lardent

Group Commercial Director, Vertas

Harvey Laud - Helistrat

Harvey Laud

CEO, Helistrat

Sandy Lindsay MBE - Tangerine Communications and The Juice Academy

Sandy Lindsay MBE

Chair, Tangerine Communications and The Juice Academy

Freddy Macnamara - Cuvva

Freddy Macnamara

CEO and Founder, Cuvva

Sultan Mahmud - The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Sultan Mahmud

Director of Integration, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Neil Male - GMS Group

Neil Male

CEO, GMS Group

Clive Marshall - PA Group

Clive Marshall

CEO, PA Group

Shona McCarthy - Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Shona McCarthy

Chief Executive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Bridget McIntyre - dream on

Bridget McIntyre

Founder, dream on

Tom Mercer - MOMA

Tom Mercer

Founder, MOMA

Jenn Merrick - Earth Station Community Brewery

Jenn Merrick

Founder, Earth Station Community Brewery

Charles Middleton - The British Land Company

Charles Middleton

Group Financial Controller, The British Land Company

Jo Morfee - InnovateHer

Jo Morfee

Director and Co-founder, InnovateHer

Geeta Nanda OBE - Metropolitan

Geeta Nanda OBE

CEO, Metropolitan

Jennifer Ogole - Bang Edutainment

Jennifer Ogole

CEO and Founder, Bang Edutainment

Naomi Oluleye - Nome

Naomi Oluleye

Founder and Director, Nome

Christine Owen - Plimsoll Productions

Christine Owen

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Plimsoll Productions

Deborah O’Neil PhD FRSE - NovaBiotics

Deborah O’Neil PhD FRSE

CEO, NovaBiotics

Edward Parsons - HH Global

Edward Parsons

Group CFO, HH Global

Geoff Peppiatt - Impact Food Group

Geoff Peppiatt

Chairman, Impact Food Group

Steve Plumridge - Gulfstream

Steve Plumridge

General Manager, Gulfstream

Maggie De Pree - League of Intrapreneurs

Maggie De Pree

Co-founder, League of Intrapreneurs

Sara Prowse - Hotter

Sara Prowse

CEO, Hotter

Mark Read - Smarter Business

Mark Read

Chairman, Smarter Business

Daemmon Reeve - Treatt

Daemmon Reeve

CEO, Treatt

Neill Ricketts - Versarien

Neill Ricketts

Chief Executive, Versarien

Professor Keith Ridgway CBE - Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Professor Keith Ridgway CBE

Co-founder, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE - techUK

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE

President, techUK

James Rolfe - London Borough of Enfield

James Rolfe

Executive Director of Resources, London Borough of Enfield

Ed Salt - Delamere Dairy

Ed Salt

Managing Director, Delamere Dairy

Luis Sanz - Celsa UK

Luis Sanz

CEO, Celsa UK

Vikas Shah MBE - Swiscot Group

Vikas Shah MBE

CEO and Managing Director, Swiscot Group

Janet Smith MBE - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Janet Smith MBE

Artistic Director and Principal, Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Jay Solanki - Premier Pensions Management

Jay Solanki

Shareholder and Head of Pensions Consulting, Premier Pensions Management

Alexandra Soveral - Alexandra Soveral

Alexandra Soveral

Co-founder, Alexandra Soveral

Jon Spearing - Poplar HARCA

Jon Spearing

Director of Finance, Poplar HARCA

Chris Thewlis - GTS Group

Chris Thewlis

Founder, GTS Group

Alan Thornburrow - Business in the Community Scotland

Alan Thornburrow

Director, Business in the Community Scotland

James Tye - Dennis Publishing

James Tye

Group Chief Executive, Dennis Publishing

Sabine VanderLinden - Startupbootcamp InsurTech

Sabine VanderLinden

CEO, Startupbootcamp InsurTech

Dean Ward - Evoke Creative

Dean Ward

Co-founder, Evoke Creative

Ian Watson - Start-Rite Shoes

Ian Watson

CEO, Start-Rite Shoes

Andrew Weaver - Strata

Andrew Weaver

Chief Executive, Strata

Will Wells - Hummingbird Technologies

Will Wells

CEO and Founder, Hummingbird Technologies

Hannah Rees and Cherie White - Think For The Future

Hannah Rees and Cherie White

Directors, Think For The Future

Jo Youle - Missing People

Jo Youle

CEO, Missing People