Five minutes with Sara Turnbull

Five minutes with Sara Turnbull

How many times have you been told to eat lunch away from your desk, to step away from your screen every 25 minutes or take time out of the office to think? WorkWILD encourages change in working lives to improve wellbeing to ultimately create a happy, healthy workforce. We caught up with Sara Turnbull, founder of WorkWILD about what being one of the Faces of a Vibrant Economy means to her and the advice she would pass onto others.

Tell us a little about what you do

WorkWILD runs strategy sessions, away days and projects that help people and businesses solve critical problems, get the best out of their team and really connect with the wider community and environment.

What impact has being a Face of the Vibrant Economy made to your business?

Firstly, it gave me the confidence to set-up my own company which now employs three people. It’s given us access to the Lounge and to Grant Thornton’s team which has really helped us to grow. We now have a a central London location to meet clients and run workshops and the opportunity to tap into Grant Thornton’s incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for our business.

How have you personally benefitted from being a Face of the Vibrant Economy?

It was the first time anyone celebrated the work that I was doing in the social sector and it gave me the chance to meet my hero – Juliet Davenport who is also a Face. There is such a latent amount of creative and social genius in the Faces of the Vibrant Economy network. I’m really looking forward to working with Grant Thornton to tap into this and channel it to help solve the critical social and environmental problems we face in the UK and beyond.

We are currently looking for the next 100 Faces of the Vibrant Economy - what characteristics do you think all Faces share?

We are all grafters with a big heart – people who wouldn’t settle for a status quo where things aren’t equitable. We are leaders with a sense of humour with the ability to inspire others to do the right thing and perhaps most importantly, have the savvy entrepreneurial streak to make sure it also makes good business sense.

What advice would you give to someone who becomes a Face?

Get involved. Grant Thornton don’t just want to stick up a bloody big picture of you on a wall and drink fizz. They really want to engage with you as a person, an entrepreneur and your business. Ask for help – offer help and let’s get thinking and doing lots more of the right stuff.

Sum up being a Face of the Vibrant Economy in three words

Very happy team