William Fletcher

William Fletcher

Managing Director, Recycling Lives

William Fletcher is managing director of Recycling Lives – a social business supporting life-changing charity programmes through its successful commercial recycling and waste management operations. It has twice won the Queen’s Award for its commitment to Enterprise and Sustainable Development.

Recycling Lives creates significant social value not only through job creation – the business has grown rapidly in recent years, trebling its run-rate – but also through its programmes of offender rehabilitation, food redistribution and a residential charity.

“We prove that commercial success can absolutely run alongside positive social impact,” says William.

William joined Recycling Lives in 2013, keen to use his skills to create social impact.  With a wealth of experience from the financial management and retail sectors, the following year he became managing director.

He has overseen the installation of industry-leading waste management technology and growth of the organisation’s national footprint, opening new sites in the Midlands, Cumbria and Greater Manchester. This expansion has also seen the opening of eight more HMP Academies, for offender rehabilitation, and the introduction of food charity, the Food Redistribution Centre.

Central to his leadership philosophy is to motivate customers, staff and stakeholders to work to the same goal of using good business to create social good.

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We prove that commercial success can absolutely run alongside positive social impact.
William Fletcher
Managing Director, Recycling Lives

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