Will Wells

Will Wells

CEO and Founder, Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies has placed Will Wells at the forefront of Britain’s artificial intelligence industry. By monitoring crop conditions in real-time, Hummingbird can pinpoint issues and suggest appropriate action for farmers to take. This brings about a positive environmental impact with a significant reduction in water pollution and chemical overspraying.

Hummingbird, which uses the most advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, has flown in excess of 250,000 hectares across 20,000 flights, and currently operates in the UK, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Australia. It uses the technology for a variety of crops including potatoes, soy beans and sugar beet, analysing them for crop stress and disease detection, weed grass and nutrient management mapping, as well as yield prediction.

As a leader in a rapidly developing sector, Will is known to think outside the box: “To properly disrupt an industry you mustn’t stand still. Founders should prize risk takers and problem solvers above all else. Only those with creative minds, never content with the established order, will keep you one step ahead of the pack.”

Outside of work, Will is a public speaker, fundraiser and supporter for Oracle Cancer Care, and says he is inspired by staff at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London: “It’s a world-beating centre of excellence for cancer treatment. I’m in awe of those with selfless devotion to saving the lives of others.”

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Will Wells
CEO and Founder, Hummingbird Technologies

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