Wayne Preece

Wayne Preece

CEO, Hydro Industries

Wayne Preece is CEO of Hydro Industries, a water technology company that supplies drinking water to communities in some of the world’s most under-developed environments.

Hydro Industries develops, designs, and installs water purification products all over the world – including South East Asia, the Middle East, America and South Africa. In 2014, after winning the Fast Growth 50 award, Hydro Industries secured a £20 million deal with Management partners in the UAE to provide effective water solutions.

Based in Llanelli, Wales, Hydro Industries has paved the way for innovation in the water industry. This has been achieved through producing clean water that goes beyond the minimum standards required by European legislation for drinking water.

Hydro Industries is currently looking to invest in the US, Latin America and South Africa. When asked for his key piece of business advice, Wayne says: “Be bold.” Having followed his own advice, he has the results to show for it.

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