Vikas Shah MBE

Vikas Shah MBE

CEO and Managing Director, Swiscot Group

Vikas Shah MBE heads a textile and commodities business that sells to consumers, retailers and wholesalers. Since 1968 Swiscot has been a key partner in the supply of textiles to a diverse range of markets ranging from high street retailers to commercial and institutional buyers.

Swiscot is committed to sustainability and responsibility, founded on a belief that the business has a duty to make a positive impact in the world. As CEO and managing director, Vikas takes sustainability seriously, “Swiscot has been around for 50 years and has a history to be proud of – and our ethical stance means we can be excited for and proud of our future as well.”

Swiscot is a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, a secure web-based platform where members can share information on health and safety, labour standards, purposeful business and the environment.

Vikas wants to further embed Swiscot into the communities where it works. “To me, being able to push the business to succeed so that we can be a great place for our people, and also a key lever in philanthropy and the wider community – is vital.’

He also appreciates the importance of diversity in business, whether that’s in skills, gender, sexuality, religion or culture. “A diverse economy is a strong economy, and the more we show support for and embrace the full spectrum of humanity the greater our success will be.”

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Vikas Shah MBE
CEO and Managing Director, Swiscot Group

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