Tugce Bulut

Tugce Bulut

Founder and CEO, Streetbees

Tugce Bulut is the Founder and CEO of Streetbees, a data technology organisation that offers expert insight into people and places. The global Streetbees network collects ‘on-the-ground’ data from people around the world using a mobile app. Organisations can then use this data to increase their impact – wherever they wish to reach.

Just two years after launch, Streetbees provides insights from 87 countries. The Streetbees model means people from all over the world are now paid to do the simple task of sharing their knowledge and providing quality, real-time information.

Tugce says the key is attention to detail: human analysts cross-verify every single image and data point supplied to organisations through Streetbees for quality assurance, while the business has built-in algorithms to monitor the data to ensure representative sampling.

As a specialist in poverty alleviation and global labour standards, Tugce hopes to build Streetbees into a data organisation that brings about positive change in the world.

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