Terry Edgell

Terry Edgell

CEO and Co-founder, Premier Forest Group

Clearly able to see the wood from the trees, Terry Edgell has scaled a timber business into one of the largest companies in Wales. Terry is the co-founder of Premier Forest Group, one of the UK’s leading vertically integrated timber groups. It maintains its own supply chain and is a UK leader in the importation, production and distribution of timber and timber-based products.

It operates from 16 sites across the UK and Ireland and is set to hit a turnover of £135 million in this financial year, with a growth plan to achieve an annual turnover in excess of £200 million over the next three years.

The company has won numerous business awards over the years and was named Corporate Acquirer of the Year at the Insider Wales deal maker awards in 2015. Appreciation scores highly on Terry’s wish list. “Peer respect and approval are my biggest motivations,” he explains. “It shows recognition of our development and reminds me of how far we’ve come.”

Among high turnover and awards, Terry cites the long-term survival of Premier Forest Group as his greatest achievement. “To have helped grow and sustain a business for 25 years that now provides employment and security for nearly 400 individuals and their families is something I am especially proud.”

Despite the success of the business, Terry says it’s always useful to reconsider how things could have been done differently. “I would have made greater investment in my people and focused on empowering my staff from an earlier stage. Good entrepreneurs need micro-knowledge of their company but should not try to micro-manage it.”

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Do what you love and love what you do, then hard work is no hardship.
Terry Edgell
CEO and Co-founder, Premier Forest Group

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