Steve Dunlop

Steve Dunlop

Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise

“There’s no bigger motivation than seeing the difference you are making to people’s lives,” says Steve Dunlop, chief executive of Scottish Enterprise, the public body that supports Scotland’s business and industry. “We do that in lots of different ways, from attracting investment to Scotland, to helping entrepreneurs and growth businesses by providing them with access to finance, support, information and markets.”

Scottish Enterprise is focused on helping boost productivity in Scotland and plans to create 8,000 jobs through foreign direct investment this year alone.

Steve believes this will in part be achieved through collaboration: “When you are part of a team that works shoulder to shoulder pulling in the same direction then the impact is much greater and even more rewarding.” He adds, “I relish being able to influence, drive and deliver change that breathes life into places.”

Prior to his role at Scottish Enterprise, he led regeneration projects at Scottish Canals, Falkirk Council, and Newcastle City Council. He was a finalist for Entrepreneurial Scotland’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in 2017.

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Trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It goes back to collaboration and collective effort – trust others, let them in and you and others will reap rewards.
Steve Dunlop
Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise

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