Steve Burton

Steve Burton

Manager Director, Andusia Recovered Fuels

Established in 2012, Andusia Recovered Fuels oversees the transformation of UK waste into energy, taking refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from independent waste businesses to waste plants in Europe.

Under managing director Steve Burton, the firm has become an RDF pioneer and the UK’s largest independent exporter – going on to achieve the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2016 and ranking among Britain’s top small and medium-sized businesses.

Steve has succeeded in leading Andusia while increasing profits by more than 35% between 2014 and 2016, having already improved the UK’s overall rankings in waste disposal. “In 2012 the UK shipped 100,000 tonnes of waste. This grew to around 3.5 million tonnes in 2016. As one of the first companies in the sector, we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of this growth,” Steve explains.

He says recognition as well as a commitment to keep improving drives him professionally: “We work very hard and are good at what we do, but constantly striving for improvement keeps me motivated to reach our goals, and then move on to the next challenge.

“You have to work harder the more successful you become, so enjoy the downtime when an opportunity arises!”

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You have to work harder the more successful you become.
Steve Burton
Manager Director, Andusia Recovered Fuels

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