Steve Buckmaster

Steve Buckmaster

Managing Director, Asmodee UK

From Pokémon cards to Dobble, Asmodee UK has your gaming needs sorted. The latter is managing director Steve Buckmaster’s personal favourite, an easy way for him to find respite away from running the board games business.

“We pride ourselves on bringing families and friends together to enjoy great social experiences through games that are innovative, inclusive, interesting and above all, fun,” says Steve.

His proudest achievement? “Building a team that has moved throughout the ups and downs of running a growing business.”

He cites that team as the foundation of the company’s success, “It’s important to treat people well. People have long memories and decency pays dividends.”

Asmodee has been around for three decades and is proud to still offer hands-on demonstrations of its products – however, Steve wants the company to keep on trying new things. “While it’s important to stick with traditions, Asmodee has to be a place where people and ideas can thrive. The world is changing fast and opportunities are there, they just need an environment to grow.”

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Steve Buckmaster
Managing Director, Asmodee UK

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