Stefano Ciampolini

Stefano Ciampolini

Renal Services

Stefano-Ciampolini-headshot-MVK-PROFILEThere are around 60,000 patients receiving renal replacement therapy – dialysis and kidney transplants – in the UK with more than 6,000 new patients starting dialysis every year.

Seeking to provide an alternative to traditional large dialysis companies, Stefano Ciampolini set up Renal Services in 2007. Working closely with the NHS, Stefano and his team aim to deliver the highest level of renal care in the most comfortable environment for patients.

Stefano says that he encountered initial resistance to the idea but he has since overcome the initial scepticism and Renal Services has become “the fastest growing company in this sector in the UK, having proven that we can be a valuable and trustworthy partner to the NHS, and a safe and reliable care provider for the patients”.

Boasting a low staff turnover rate and a commitment to a positive workplace culture, Renal Services treats more than 1,000 patients through its network of clinics in the UK. He describes his work as “challenging but extremely rewarding”, and his proudest achievement was being nominated adjunct professor of Imperial College Business School, a role that allows him to coach the next generation to be better entrepreneurs.

Stefano sees business as a positive wider societal force. “Innovation and sustainable jobs can only be generated in a thriving business environment,” he says. “SMEs have been the biggest and most disruptive job creators in the UK and Europe for decades – they are the main generators of wealth and social benefits.”

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