Sir David Dalton

Sir David Dalton

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Sir David DaltonSir David Dalton is at the leading edge of delivering innovation in the National Health Service. As CEO of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, he leads one of only two trusts with an outstanding rating from the Clinical Quality Commission.

“We have a clear sense of purpose: to be the safest organisation in the NHS,” he says. “We take all possible steps to eliminate avoidable mortality and harmful events, and to improve the experience for our patients.”

Sir David, who has been in post for 15 years, credits the success of Salford Royal to an organisational culture based around change and innovation: “We have developed a culture which does not accept the status quo when improvement is necessary and new or alternative approaches are required.”

Innovations at the trust have included the development of an integrated care organisation for the city, and a new approach to evidenced-based care. The focus of the trust, he says, is “deploying these at scale through a new group of hospitals”.

For Sir David, a vibrant economy will be one in which the best of the public and private sectors come together. “Aligning the values of public service with business innovation and pace of decision-making can enable transformation of services to people and communities,” he says.

Achieving that change, he believes, will come down to people: “We need people with new ideas and the ability to challenge convention — to bring innovative approaches to some of the biggest challenges in our country.”

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