Scott Russell

Scott Russell

Founder & CEO, Paddy & Scott’s

Paddy & Scott’s CEO and Founder Scott Russell is helping boost the productivity of the nation by growing and importing coffee for hotels, bars and restaurants. Its purpose? “Fueling ambition and bringing entrepreneurial, dynamic people together over a coffee,” says Scott.

2017 saw the launch of their Meru Farm project in Kenya, a world first direct collaboration between the grower and consumer which tackles the imbalance of trade and gives the farmer more control over his crop. Each member owning a tangible tree on the farm and deciding how much money they wish to pay for their coffee to be picked, roasted and shipped. Alternatively, members can visit the farm and help with the harvest.

Paddy & Scott now operates in over 150 branded outlets and counts more than 350 trade outlets across the UK.

As well as impressive growth, Scott’s also operates a Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) barista training academy for both the trade and young people in schools and colleges who wish to gain a registered qualification when travelling or whilst on a gap year.
When asked for his greatest achievement, Scott replies, “every day is a great achievement.”

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