Sara Turnbull

Sara Turnbull

Bootstrap Company

Sara-Turnbull-headshot-MVK-PROFILEEstablished in 1977, Bootstrap Company has four decades of experience providing workspace that keeps Britain working.

What began as a way to support people to set-up their own businesses and improve their employability skills has since expanded to include managed workspace in east London that serves more than 500 social and creative entrepreneurs.

Sara Turnbull joined Bootstrap in 2012. Over the past four years she has redefined the brand, values and mission with the aim of making it an internationally recognised model for effective delivery of community regeneration.

Bootstrap helps regeneration by providing workspace to a wide range of small social and creative enterprises in Hackney. To help make workspace more affordable in the context of rapidly rising rents in London, Bootstrap has recently launched the Bootstrap Fund in addition to its support programmes for tenants to be socially enterprising and grow into sustainable businesses.

Part of its offering is the Bootstrap Campus, which provides a pathway for young professionals to connect and work with the Bootstrap community. This grants local young people the opportunity to develop careers and gain vital real-life experience, skills and professional networks.

Sara is a chartered environmentalist with more than 15 years’ experience in delivering sustainable community regeneration through property and enterprise. As well as being CEO of the Bootstrap Company, she is a freelance consultant on sustainability and business, and co-chairs the Mayor of London and London Enterprise Partnership panel on Open Workspace. She also sits on the Design Review Panel in the London Borough of Hackney.

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