Sandy Lindsay MBE

Sandy Lindsay MBE

Chair, Tangerine Communications and The Juice Academy

Sandy Lindsay MBE is founder and chair of Tangerine, the multi-award winning communications firm and marketing consultancy. Not satisfied with success at just one organisation, Sandy also leads The Juice Academy, a not-for-profit digital marketing apprenticeship programme, which has created nearly 300 jobs for young people in the North West.

“I always say something is not worth doing unless I do it to the very best of my ability,” she says. It’s a work ethic, which is rooted in a commitment to equality, which saw Tangerine become the first company outside London to win the national Chartered Institute of Public Relations Agency of the Year award.

She has also achieved her own personal success, receiving an MBE for services to business and young people, and named North West Director of the Year in 2015.

Her best piece of advice? “Always employ the best people you can afford, as more often than not, they pay you back in spades.”

On a vibrant economy, she says the postcode lottery has to end, “There’s still too much bias by postcode, where a child’s education and potential life success is dictated by their family background – the economy needs to give opportunities for all.”


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Sandy Lindsay MBE
Chair, Tangerine Communications and The Juice Academy

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