Saj Jetha

Saj Jetha

Founder, The Smarty Train

“You are nothing. You make nothing. You achieve nothing without your people. People. People. People,” replies Saj Jetha when asked for his main piece of business advice. As the founder of a multi-award winning company dedicated to helping clients unlock talent to get the best out of their teams, his advice comes with the double benefit of expertise and experience.

Saj founded the London-based The Smarty Train (TST), which according to one of its clients, is the ‘secret cinema of training’. The organisation is famed for designing training experiences that allow people across the world to achieve their professional potential, using the latest in design thinking and behavioural science. TST builds inductions and graduate programmes through to Executive Level and C-Suite training experiences.  Saj’s forthcoming book, ‘The Smarts’, is out in January 2019 (Penguin) and has a string of high-profile endorsements, including from Harvard.

TST’s clients employ nearly one-million people around the world and its top five clients turned over more than £334 billion in the last financial year.

In addition, Saj is passionate about social change: “Pushing forward the Social Mobility Agenda in London is a significant cause for me,” he says.

In 2017, Saj’s achievements were further recognised when he was granted Freedom of the City of London.

“Never allow ‘good enough’”, he says, “Don’t just look at the outcome; it’s the process that gets you there, so focus on building better processes.”

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To unlock talent, it’s not about doing things right, it’s about doing the right things.
Saj Jetha
Founder, The Smarty Train

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