Richard Clothier

Richard Clothier

Wyke Farms


Richard Clothier comes from a pedigree of a business family. His family started the Wyke Farms cheese business in 1861 and over the last 150 years, the family has grown the business into the UK’s largest independent producer of cheese and milk processor.

He is currently dedicated to expanding the family business and plays a key role in negotiations with 150 milk suppliers and multiple retailers, both in the UK and overseas.

Wyke Farms exports to 160 countries and supports the economy of rural Somerset by obtaining milk from 150 local farms in the South West region. He is passionate about the farming industry and the part played by family farmers.

The business’s growth has not been secured by playing it safe. Wyke Farms took on a significant financial risk when it decided to embark on its ‘100% Green’ strategy: investing in green energy and water recovery. The green conversion was not just successful, but has helped the business win new contracts and set an industry-leading example.

The company’s environmental credentials run even deeper. Richard has led the business in its commitment to source electricity and gas from the solar and biogas that is generated from farm and dairy waste.

Solutions produced include: farmyard manure used to power cheese making, the use of electric cars on site and the replacement of artificial fertilisers with organic counterparts.

Wyke Farms also has a Sustainable Energy Visitor Centre, which allows the business to share knowledge and experience with the local community on green energy and sustainable living.


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