Phil Andrew

Phil Andrew

CEO, StepChange Debt Charity

Problem debt costs the UK £8.3 billion through the damage it causes to family life, mental and physical health, productivity and employment prospects. That’s not to mention costs to the welfare state, the NHS, local government and other agencies.

Phil Andrew is leading the charge to tackle this billion-pound problem. He is CEO of the UK’s largest provider of free, independent debt advice and solutions, StepChange Debt Charity. It was established in 1992 with the vision that no-one should have to pay for debt advice – and a determination to create a society free from problem debt.

StepChange has seen significant growth in the number of people it provides help to each year as well as its areas of operation, now in Ireland. Its 1,500-strong team help 600,000 people each year with problem debt. To date, the charity has helped people pay back more than £4 billion.

Phil is no stranger to working towards greater social inclusion. Before he joined StepChange in 2017, he was group chief executive at Working Links – an organisation that helps people into employment and achieve their professional potential by overcoming barriers such as physical and mental disabilities, or a criminal background.

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Driving up efficiency should never come at the expense of good client outcomes.
Phil Andrew
CEO, StepChange Debt Charity

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