Peter Brewin and William Crawford

Peter Brewin and William Crawford

Co-Founders, Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas manufactures a revolutionary construction material that enables a hard-wearing concrete surface to be installed ten times faster than its conventional counterpart. Co-Founders Peter Brewin and William Crawford invented the material while studying at Imperial College London in 2004.

The Pontypridd-based company prides itself on innovation, quality and responsiveness to its customers’ needs. Concrete Canvas is a flexible concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable waterproof and fire-resistant concrete layer. “Essentially, it’s concrete in a roll”, explains William.

The material has a range of applications and its primary markets are the civil infrastructure, mining and petrochemical sectors. It is used for erosion control applications such as ditch lining, slope protection,  waterproofing and as material for temporary shelters.

“My proudest achievement is taking Concrete Canvas from an idea at university to a successful company that supplies materials to more than 80 countries,” says Peter. William cites going from the first commercial sale in 2009 to being listed in the Fast Track 100 five years later as his proudest achievement.

Peter’s business advice is to “take risks when you’re young.” Meanwhile William talks talent: “Look after the people in your organisation. They are the single most important asset in growing a successful business.”

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