Peaches Golding OBE

Peaches Golding OBE

Lord-Lieutenant, City of Bristol

Peaches Golding is the personal representative to the Queen on behalf of Bristol. She consults on a wide range of ceremonial matters, participating in charitable, military, religious and social activities and events – all while upholding the dignity of the Crown. She combines this with a number of director and chairing roles with the likes of Moon Consulting and Bristol Water.

Born in the US, she is the daughter of a civil rights activist and university professor who has taken on her family’s determination to shape a more just society. “This means encouraging others, praising good outcomes, challenging injustice and calling out prejudice,” she explains. “When people feel empowered, resilient and committed, they can achieve enormous feats.”

As someone who has helped to break glass ceilings as the first black High Sheriff in England, when appointed to the role in Bristol in 2010, Peaches knows a thing or two about bringing about real change. “Growing up in racially segregated America and actively being involved in the process of racial integration, I have been surprised by how long it takes change to become embedded,” she says. “While diversity has been enshrined in UK and USA law, we must continue to strive towards inclusivity.  We are making good progress although there is more to achieve.”

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Peaches Golding OBE
Lord-Lieutenant, City of Bristol

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