Simon Dowson and Nick Carpenter

Simon Dowson and Nick Carpenter

Founders and Directors, Delta Motorsport

Simon Dowson and Nick Carpenter are steering the success of Delta Motorsport to pole position. Known for its high-performance engineering and specialised electrification knowledge, Delta Motorsport has transferred from creating race cars for Grand Prix legends to being at the forefront of battery systems and hybrid powertrain developments.

Delta Motorsport offers engineering solutions from initial concept through to low volume production of sub-systems and complete vehicles. Founders Simon and Nick had an ambitious vision for the business from the start and rather than sticking with motorsport, they are developing the business as an electrification specialist in the automotive, marine and military sectors.

They launched the company in 2005 having worked together originally in the 1990s for race car constructor Reynard Motorsport. In 2007 they developed their initial demonstrator vehicle to show how to supercharge low energy-consuming vehicles; creating a lightweight, sustainable vehicle with low drag aerodynamics.

Praised by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown for their work in transforming the UK to a low carbon economy, Simon and Nick found themselves at the forefront of clean car technology having built and designed electric vehicles, “long before it became fashionable,” according to Simon.

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Challenging ourselves daily is what drives us, it's hard work but comes with a lot of satisfaction. You have to have a balance between perfection and getting the job done to be successful.
Simon Dowson and Nick Carpenter
Founders and Directors, Delta Motorsport

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