Neil Male

Neil Male

CEO, GMS Group

“Never take anything for granted because things can be taken away from you in an instant,” says GMS Group CEO Neil Male. Neil learned this lesson the hard way after a promising football career was cut short by injury.

Turning setback into success, Neil joined family business security services group GMS in 2000 as an employee.  Neil implemented new systems, processes, software and people, which resulted in turnover increasing from £200,000 to £2.5 million in just five years. Today, after three management buyouts at great personal risk Neil has grown GMS to a £14 million turnover business which employs 500 staff across the UK.

Neil has also transformed the traditional manned guarding company to a technology driven security partner and continues to drive the business to develop a range of cutting-edge technology-based solutions and stay ahead of the curve in a saturated security market.

Neil’s own experiences underline his empathetic approach to employees, giving people opportunities they may not get elsewhere. Neil advocates a career in security to all staff, from developing apprentices in head office, senior management and Directorate to supporting the aspirations of frontline security guards to progress within the industry. This is reflected in reciprocal loyalty from staff – GMS has a 93% retention rate, compared to an average of 63% in the security industry.

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Take nothing for granted – things can be taken away from you in an instant. So get all your ducks in a row, live for today and invest in the future.
Neil Male
CEO, GMS Group

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