Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright


Michelle-Wright-headshot-YB-PROFILEA former professional violinist, Michelle Wright is now dedicated to disrupting philanthropy and finding new ways to scale up charities and social enterprises.

Founded in 2009, Cause4 has since raised over £46 million for its clients through fundraising, strategy and enterprise development. For Michelle, Cause4’s effectiveness is a product of its ability to take lessons learned in the private sector and apply them to the benefit of not-for-profit organisations.

Cause4 practices what it preaches – in April 2016 it became a B Corporation. That means it has made formal commitment to meeting higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, in Michelle’s words: “Cause4 became a B corp so that we can endeavour to have fun, make a profit and change the world”.

Michelle wants to see more companies make an authentic commitment to doing good, “All too often, companies use CSR programs to deflect attention from socially irresponsible practices in their core operations. For me being a responsible enterprise is about being creative and having ideas that are aligned with your own very personal core values, if you can do that the opportunity to address both profits and social causes are endless.”

“Provoking change is at the heart of our mission”, says Michelle, and in the dynamic world of social enterprise Cause4 is preparing for its own future with graduate development programmes that “will support a raft of new entrepreneurial talent into the charity sector.”

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