Martina King

Martina King

CEO, Featurespace

Fraud, phishing and account takeovers are interfering with the internet usage of millions. Falling victim to an online scam causes untold stress and financial loss. Featurespace – an artificial intelligence company based in Cambridge – has protected companies and consumers from such attacks for eight years.

Martina King has held leadership roles at Yahoo! Europe and Capital Radio and currently heads up Featurespace, which analyses online behaviour, spots anomalies and blocks new attacks as they occur. Its bespoke platform can recognise customers, allowing them to use e-commerce securely without accidentally blocking genuine transactions. The Featurespace platform reduces incorrectly declined transactions by more than 70%.

Featurespace is used worldwide by businesses including Betfair, Camelot and William Hill and has developed a partnership with TSYS inc, the largest third-party processor of Visa and Mastercards.

When asked what advice she would give her younger self, Martina replies: “Never ever give up, there will be an array of career opportunities for women in all sectors and levels – learn to embrace your ambition.”

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