Martin Hellawell

Martin Hellawell


Martin-Hellawell-headshot-MVK-PROFILESoftcat is a fast-growth IT infrastructure company based in Marlow; one that is as much about people as technology.

“We have no intellectual property, our sole differentiator is our people,” says Softcat CEO Martin Hellawell. “This business is all about the energy, passion and camaraderie of the Softcat team.”

Martin joined Softcat in 2006 and has seen the business grow from around £50 million to £600 million, including a profit increase of £1 million to £40 million. That financial growth has been equally matched, if not trumped by, the recognition that Softcat has received externally for how it approaches its relationships with customers and employees alike.

“The culture is very strong, very distinct and very powerful. It’s the reason why the company has grown from strength to strength; when we were named as the No.1 Best Workplace by Great Place to Work in April 2016, it was a real testament to everything we’ve tried to build,” says Martin.

As for the world outside of the office, Martin says that it’s up to the business in question to make its own decision about playing a bigger role in society. “[At Softcat] we get involved in issues that affect our staff and our community, and we try to help a number of very good causes. We do it because we can, because we want to and because we believe it’s the right thing to do.”

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