Martin Frost

Martin Frost

Cambridge Medical Robotics

Martin-Frost-headshot-CSP-PROFILEMartin Frost’s company is little more than two years old, but is already making big strides towards a big mission: to revolutionise medicine by making keyhole surgery easier, quicker and less expensive to perform.

Cambridge Medical Robotics (CMR) is developing a “next-generation robotic system” that makes less invasive, keyhole surgery universally accessible and affordable. It has already created the world’s first universal robotics platform for laparoscopic surgery, which he believes is ultimately capable of performing the vast majority of minimal access procedures.

Minimal access surgery allows for quicker procedures with reduced trauma and faster recovery times. Manually-performed, the techniques require extensive training; with CMR’s robotics technology, there is the potential to rapidly extend the application of minimal access surgery, with all the associated clinical benefits, and cost savings for healthcare providers.

Martin estimates the market for robotics-assisted surgery, currently around $2.5 billion annually, to be worth $20 billion globally by 2025. He is also co-founder and chairman of Omnisense, a real time location and tracking system business based in Cambridge targeting the burgeoning Internet of Things market.

He believes a vibrant economy is one where “business has a duty not only to generate profits which enable it to deliver long-term value to its customers and shareholders, but also where possible to provide challenging and fulfilling work to both skilled and less skilled workers.” In his view, “products and services should ideally be useful (as opposed to “just” desirable) and of benefit to the whole of humanity.”

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