Mark Simmers

Mark Simmers

Celtic Renewables


In Scotland, whisky is undergoing a makeover as its production left-overs can provide a fuel of the future.

Celtic Renewables, headed by CEO Mark Simmers, takes whisky by-products and other organic residues and converts them into environmentally friendly high value products.

By applying microbiology expertise and modern process technology to the ‘Weizmann fermentation process’, Celtic Renewables provide solutions for the production of next generation biofuel. The technology used provides businesses with a complete residue disposal solution whilst also providing biofuels to replace fossil fuels and to lower carbon emissions.

As CEO, Mark Simmers is leading its growth in the highly competitive and highly future-focused renewables sector. Last year, the company was named as Europe’s most innovative biotech SME. Future plans include building a large-scale bio-refinery in Scotland in the next two years and developing a sustainable ‘biobutanol’ industry in Scotland and internationally.

Mark has won numerous investment pitching and business presentation awards on behalf of Celtic Renewables, and has dedicated his time to building a strong and dynamic team.

By utilising the by-products from one the UK’s most iconic industries, Scotch whisky, Celtic Renewables is able to produce a useful and sustainable fuel and help meet the EU’s biofuel target. It is the first company to produce biofuel from the by-products of the Scotch whisky industry.

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