Mark Read

Mark Read

Chairman, Smarter Business

“I surround myself with great people. It keeps me on my toes and makes me into a better business leader,” says Mark Read, chairman of Smarter Business.

Smarter Business helps clients streamline and save on their essential services. It is a specialist in the procurement and negotiation of commercial electricity, water, waste and telecom contracts. “We have helped more than 40,000 businesses save millions of pounds. In one case, we helped a client save £900,000 on its energy bill alone,” says Mark.

Aside from doing good for clients, Mark wants to ensure that his own employees can reach their full potential. “We need to nurture and encourage entrepreneurship,” he explains. “All great talent needs a chance to thrive, so we need an environment that is accessible to all, where anyone can succeed.”

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Be tenacious and surround yourself with great people at every level of the organisation.
Mark Read
Chairman, Smarter Business

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