Mark John

Mark John

Co-founder, Tramshed Tech

As the concept of the 21st century office continues to be questioned, with the growth of flexible working and shared office spaces, Mark John is a man with answers. The co-founder of Tramshed Tech has helped build a digital co-working space in Cardiff that caters for the next generation of technology’s leading lights, giving them a place to collaborate and to work affordably alongside their peers.

“Tramshed Tech is now home to everyone from web and app developers, content production companies, social media and digital marketing companies, to some of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK,” says Mark, who has also created a Tramshed Tech business accelerator in partnership with Business Growth Wales’ Accelerated Growth Programme.

Organisations based at Tramshed Tech include AI and machine learning platform We Build Bots, Ed Tech digital skills trainers Big Learning Company, Property Tech and Fin Tech companies Urban Intelligence and My Pin Pad (both of whom have relocated to Cardiff from London), Welsh film agency Film Cymru and class-leading business intelligence platform Amplyfi. It is also a hub of tech activity, having developed a reputation for hosting experts in AI, cryptocurrencies, agile working and social media analytics. As a result, it has become a go-to place to discover the next generation of innovators, boasting the likes of Microsoft, Google, LEGO Education and Innovate UK as partners.

“We’re particularly excited about our new partnership with Microsoft,” explains Mark. “Tramshed Tech will be delivering a whole range of cloud-based digital training and transformation programmes, with a range of public and private sector partners, which will have a major impact across Wales.”

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If you’ve got a great idea you really believe in, be tenacious, don’t be deflected. So be prepared to fight to get it out there and then stick to your guns - and you can make your dreams come true.
Mark John
Co-founder, Tramshed Tech

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