Marie Owen

Marie Owen

LS Productions

Marie-Owen-headshot-CSP-PROFILEFor Marie Owen, CEO at Edinburgh-based production company LS Productions, the average working day is “varied, chaotic, unpredictable, surprising and a constant learning curve”.

LS Productions, which she founded in 2006 as Location Scotland, works with global clients who have included Vogue, BMW and Apple. “We work across different sectors, from high-end editorials to global TV commercials and everything in-between,” she says. “No job is too big or too small.”

As CEO, Marie sees her role as one of maximising talent and results. “I describe myself as a conductor of a world-class orchestra,” she says. “It’s my job to set the tone and culture of the business… I aim to be ambitious, realistic and honest and keep my focus on the bigger picture.”

Successful companies, she believes, have a responsibility to invest in their communities and to encourage the next generation of talent. “Our shoots create employment as well as highlighting the beauty and diversity of the UK itself. We also encourage people from a young age to get involved in the creative industries and give them confidence that the creative industry is a career option.”

Marie believes in entrepreneurialism but also calculated risk-taking. “Entrepreneurialism should be encouraged and supported. It takes businesses like ours to take a chance to succeed as a new business. We should celebrate those who take a chance and set an example to others that you can take a stand and achieve your dream.”

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