Mandy Johnson

Mandy Johnson

Mandy-Johnson-headshot-OA-PROFILEMandy Johnson wants to bridge the all too frequent gap that exists between charities and business.

As Director of Partnerships at, she helps organisations fulfil their charitable goals and at the same time gets to work with some of the best charities in the UK, helping them to connect with’s 11 million UK users. is a global platform that allows for the creation, development and delivery of petitions. More than 150 million people in 196 countries use it. Every hour, a petition on achieves victory.

Her proudest achievement was securing the partnership between ScottishPower and Cancer Research UK, which has raised £9 million in the last four years.

Mandy believes that because of the extent to which businesses are integrated into the society, they have to play a supporting role. “Their actions impact the society they operate in and they require society to support their needs,” she says “Companies rely on society to provide employees that they want to hire, customers who can afford to buy their products or services and shareholders that want to invest.”

However, for Mandy, it’s not just down to business to make a positive impact, it’s up to all of us. “None of us can ignore the impact that our actions can have whether we are operating as individuals or as a collective group of people that makes up a business… We all have a responsibility to ensure we are creating and encouraging a world that we want to live in.”

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