Luis Sanz

Luis Sanz

CEO, Celsa UK

Laying the foundations for some of the country’s most important infrastructure projects is Luis Sanz, CEO of eco-friendly steel manufacturer Celsa UK.

In this role, Luis develops strategic planning for the business, improving efficiencies in operations and enhancing the strong work ethic of the company’s 2000 people.

Luis attributes the growth of Celsa UK to three pillars: “We place huge importance on respect and support to our environment, promotion of local responsible sourcing to enhance the value generated for the local community and significant capital expenditure to ensure high level of competitiveness.”

He is particularly proud of the company’s investment in Cardiff, where its facilities produce 1.2 million tonnes of steel product each year. He says the effects of Celsa’s success motivates him: “I want to be able to provide a long-term sustainable future for my company, colleagues and the supply chain they are a part of.”

Luis also places huge importance on working with others: “Collaboration leads to better results than going it alone. A vibrant economy is somewhere all stakeholders can enjoy the benefits of co-operation, creating sustainable growth through winning partnerships.”

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Luis Sanz
CEO, Celsa UK

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