Louis-James Davis

Louis-James Davis

CEO and Founder, VST Enterprises

From tapping on the drums to tapping on his keyboard, Louis-James Davis is the musician-turned-technologist and founder of VST Enterprises, the consumer technology and security company best known for VCode, billed as the next generation of code scanning technology.

He founded the company after retiring from professional drumming in 2009, when he turned his passion for technology into entrepreneurial momentum.

Recognised as a giant leap forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes, VCode could revolutionise offline to online transactions. Its uses so far include combatting the supply of counterfeit goods, eliminating the circulation of conflict minerals and counterfeit currency, as well as providing a virtual wallet for secure payments. Following a funding boost in 2017, the company is now valued at more than £200 million.

Under Louis-James’ leadership, the business has been awarded the EU Seal of Excellence for its anti-counterfeiting, end-to-end supply chain and traceability capabilities and has received acclaim from the UK Prime Minister. His creation’s success has even led to international attention: he currently serves as Science and Technology Ambassador to the Zimbabwean Government.

He was recognised for his innovative work by winning Entrepreneur of the Year and the coveted Chairman’s Rising Star Award at the Made in Manchester Awards 2018.

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Be patient, the business will take many shapes and it will take longer than you think to be right. Keep going.
Louis-James Davis
CEO and Founder, VST Enterprises

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