Kim Atherton

Kim Atherton

OVO Energy

Kim-Atherton-headshot-YB-PROFILEBusiness is about people, and Kim Atherton knows more about people than most.

As chief people officer at OVO Energy, Kim has helped scale the business from 100 people to more than 1,100 in three years; she has also shaped OVO’s working culture and created a structured ‘Reward Steps’ programme within the customer service division.

Kim’s role at OVO is to “attract and recruit the best talent that we can, then provide an environment which helps to get the best from these individuals”. This is key to its strategy of presenting an alternative to the Big Six energy companies through an improved customer-focused experience.

OVO has shown a commitment to home-grown talent through programmes designed to empower its employees. “All of our employees have access to OVO University,” Kim says, “where they can choose from courses to support their personal development plan.”

She is particularly proud of OVO’s internal engagement surveys, which find that 88% of staff find their colleagues fun and 80% appreciate the family-like bonds within the business – positive proof of the collaborative working culture she has nurtured.

For Kim, a vibrant economy is one where businesses take responsibility for their actions and impact on society: “We do not exist purely to maximise return for our shareholders but to create shared value in society. It’s about standing up for our customers and having them in mind every time we make a decision.”

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