Kieron Salter

Kieron Salter

Managing Director, KW Special Projects Ltd

Whether it’s a re-engineered part for a vintage car or a lightweight chassis for an electric supercar, KW Special Projects has you covered.

The Northamptonshire advanced engineering firm designs and manufactures innovative solutions for special projects that span sectors including high-performance sports, historic car restoration, defence and aerospace. It sits at the heart of the UK’s ‘motorsport valley’ and is one of more than 1000 companies in Northamptonshire that form the ‘high-performance technologies cluster’.

Formula One and Le Mans expert Kieron is the driving force behind the business, leading a team of qualified post-graduate engineers with expertise in ‘Horizontal Engineering’ translating technology’s uses from one sector to another. “My greatest achievement is convincing people to join my team to work with me in an agile, dynamic workplace and creating a culture that delivers innovation and creativity,” says Kieron. “My advice to others is to get as much experience as possible, set your goals high, expect to make mistakes, fail quickly and learn from it all – the good and the bad.”


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