Dr Kate Hersov

Dr Kate Hersov


Kate-Hersov-headshot-OA-PROFILEDr Kate Hersov does not believe in sugaring the pill.

As CEO and co-founder of Medikidz, she wants to give kids the facts in a sensitive but honest manner when it comes to medical problems.

As a junior doctor, Kate was frustrated at the lack of material available to give to children that would help them understand what was happening in the hospital and at home. Her remedy, Medikidz, delivers superhero-themed education programmes across more than 100 therapeutic areas. To date, it has distributed more than 3.5 million comic books.

Characters include ‘Skinderella’, a skin and bone specialist, and Pump, who provides the ‘low down’ on heart and blood vessels. The material is present in 50 countries and available in 30 languages.

Collaborating with key opinion leaders, renowned patient associations, professional bodies, young patients and families, Medikidz has now become one of the world’s most endorsed medical organisations. Medikidz also supports families to think about, talk about and understand health issues, as well as driving forwards in building the world’s first global brand for children’s health.

For Kate, knowledge is power – even when dealing with some of the most difficult issues. She has instilled in Medikidz the belief that every child deserves access to medical information they can understand. Her aim is to create a global community of informed, empowered and health-aware children.

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