Lee Qian and Kate Fox

Lee Qian and Kate Fox

Investment Managers, Baillie-Gifford – Positive Change Strategy

Kate Fox and Lee Qian both see business as a force for good – Lee is inspired by the economic and social progress he witnessed growing up in China in the 1990s, while Kate has a long-held passion for purpose in business. Through their roles as investment managers with Baillie-Gifford’s Positive Change Strategy, they are able to turn that inspiration into commercial reality.

Baillie-Gifford is an investment management firm that manages billions of pounds in assets. Launched by Baillie-Gifford in 2017, The Positive Change Strategy aims to generate attractive long-term investment returns for clients by investing in businesses whose products and services are helping to address social and environmental challenges.

“We already invest in 29 companies around the world which are addressing global challenges, ranging from companies that provide access to financial services for low-income populations to companies developing novel technologies to treat unmet healthcare needs,” says Kate.

Lee adds, “Our aim is to demonstrate that you can be profitable and prosperous, while being inclusive and environmentally sustainable. This is not just a worthwhile goal in itself but the best way for us to solve the pressing challenges our world faces.”

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Lee Qian and Kate Fox
Investment Managers, Baillie-Gifford – Positive Change Strategy

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