Karime Hassan

Karime Hassan

Chief Executive & Growth Director, Exeter City Council

Karime Hassan leads a city council known for its high-growth strategy and dedication to attracting investment opportunities. “I love seeing people succeed”, says Karime, Chief Executive & Growth Director at Exeter City Council. “In my role I have the ability to make an impact, get things done at pace and remove barriers to growth.”

Karime and his team have directed several growth projects in recent years for the city, including Exeter Science Park, community homes in Cranbrook and the redevelopment of the Princesshay shopping centre.

According to Karime, local governments play a pivotal role in driving transformational change; helping to shape long term vision, directing infrastructure funding and building networks. “At Exeter City Council, we’re proud to help drive the Devon economy and I have played a part in the delivery of many strategic projects in and around Exeter. I have seen our vision come to reality and know I can make a difference – how could I not be motivated?”

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