Joni Steiner & Nick Ierodiaconou

Joni Steiner & Nick Ierodiaconou

Co-founders and Co-CEOs, Opendesk  

Opendesk is changing how furniture is designed, made and delivered. Joni Steiner and Nick Ierodiaconou lead the global platform that connects customers to a network of independent designers and makers so that furniture can be made locally in cities around the world – without shipping. Opendesk distributes furniture as a digital file to be made on-demand – rethinking traditional logistics to build a more equitable, distributed and human-centred supply chain.

“We believe in working together to build a healthier collective future, starting with the way we design and make the things we consume”, says Joni. The business has enjoyed impressive growth over the last 12 months and counts Nike, WeWork, Greenpeace and Google as customers. When asked what motivates the pair, Joni replies, “Moving beyond ‘business as usual’ towards ‘business as mutual’. And to work with a purpose-driven team of people, led by a common mission is very inspiring.”

Joni says the personal needs to come before the professional. “Spend more time with those you love, and value personal relationships above all else. Trust your judgement and act with conviction in everything you do.”

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