John McArthur


John McArthur is paving the path to less congestion and easier journeys for us all.

Founded in 2004, Leeds-based Tracsis is a leading international provider of software and services for the planning and management of mass transit operations. It specialises in capturing data to help solve problems in the transport industry. This might be ensuring there are enough drivers and train crew or railway carriage stock. It also has systems to predict and prevent faults with track points, in order to ensure trains run safely and on time.

Under John’s stewardship the company has become a leader in developing technological solutions and software, and has enjoyed significant growth as a result – its shares have tripled in the past three years. Although smaller in size than its national rivals, Tracsis stands above its larger transport peers in terms of investment performance. The £135 million business has only been on the stock market since 2008 and on a five-year basis has delivered an annual average return of 60.29% to investors.

John has developed the company on a buy-and-build model, whereby Tracsis acquires other innovative businesses that have a unique specialism. These have included MPEC Technology (remote monitoring apparatus) and SEP Event (events traffic planning.)

He started his career with Arthur Andersen, later working for Axiomlab, a technology venture capital company, and then as an investment manager for Techtran, Leeds University’s preferred commercialisation partner.

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