Jennifer Ogole

Jennifer Ogole

CEO and Founder, Bang Edutainment

Jennifer Ogole has made a big impact with Bang Edutainment. Based in Brent, north west London, the long-running charity delivers projects for young people aged eight to 25. So far, the charity has helped thousands of young people in the capital by designing each project to boost motivation and practical skills.

She is a well-known and respected community leader who has led charitable projects since her teenage years. With Bang Edutainment she gives young people a chance to take part in arts, music and multimedia activities to develop their creative and interpersonal skills. Bang Edutainment has also delivered positive outcomes for young people facing challenges in education and their home lives.

Taking the programmes one step further, Jennifer launched The Beat radio station – formerly BANG radio – which is London’s number one urban community radio station for young people. It provides a means for young people to put their newly acquired skills to work.

Jennifer forms part of the ‘TwentyTen Club’, a professional group that empowers black female entrepreneurs. And she continues to inspire her local community and bring out the potential of young people by acting as chair of the Young Brent Foundation for her borough.

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Do the right thing, with the people, in the right way and you will not fail.
Jennifer Ogole
CEO and Founder, Bang Edutainment

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