Jen Atkinson

Jen Atkinson

CEO, ITC Travel

Named as one of Manchester Evening News’ Top 100 Inspirational Women 2017, Jen Atkinson ‘helped turned ITC Travel into a multi-million pound business’. It is now one of the UK’s top three largest luxury tour operators.

“I believe that the passion and engagement of staff across the company – as well as our client-centred, personal service has played a huge part in the turnaround,” says Jen.

After drafting a plan to save ITC on two sheets of A4 paper, Jen introduced an entirely new management structure, creating a positive staff culture and making ITC a place where people love to work. The company invests over £100,000 each year to send its staff on two free luxury holidays a year so they can gain first-hand knowledge to share with customers.

The team is 80% female and until recently had an all-female board. Her ability to empower employees and fully tap into their potential has seen ITC named as one of the Sunday Times’ Top 100 Companies to Work For on a number of occasions.

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I want everyone's talents to be recognised and given the opportunity to shine. I think the greatest businesses learn how to realise the untapped resources and potential in their workforce.
Jen Atkinson
CEO, ITC Travel

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