Jay Solanki

Jay Solanki

Shareholder and Head of Pensions Consulting, Premier Pensions Management

Jay Solanki joined Premier Pensions Management in 2003, part of a team of four who set out to create exceptional customer service initially at the employee benefits business and then later with pensions administration and wealth management businesses.

As the company has thrived, so too has its focus on developing a positive culture: turnover currently rests at £14 million, with the majority of its sales profits reinvested into its employees. Jay says: “Along with the client experience, we wanted to create a special place to work for our employees. Given the right environment, we’ve found people are motivated to do things better, simply because they believe it’s the right thing to do.”

Employing almost 170 staff at two offices in Croydon and Bristol, Jay and his team advise a range of clients, from FTSE 100 organisations to smaller companies. Jay prides Premier on providing a “human and enriching” experience,  that has a lot more personality in it than a purely mechanical transaction: “Work shouldn’t be a battle zone, it should be a place where you can achieve great things in a spirit of freedom, challenge and collaboration – whether working with clients or each other.”

Premier also supports a number of community charities, including Cavell Nurses’ Trust and the Stroke Association, with a number of fundraisers held each year.

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Jay Solanki
Shareholder and Head of Pensions Consulting, Premier Pensions Management

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