Jason Stockwood

Jason Stockwood

Simply Business

Jason-Stockwood-headshot-OA-PROFILEJason Stockwood wants to redefine the insurance industry.

He joined Simply Business – the new age insurance provider – in 2010, five years after its launch: “Looking back now, the opportunity for disruption was obvious, I saw that the service levels were poor and I knew that Simply Business would make a difference,” he says.

Equipped with a background in online dating and travel services, Jason is now CEO of the UK’s largest business insurance provider.

As the winner of Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For two years in a row, it comes as no surprise that the business is employee-focused, “There is nothing more important than building a positive working culture,” Jason says. “A company’s culture drives performance so putting my employees first and creating a vibrant environment in the workplace means they will best serve our customers.”

“People are looking for more than just a salary, and I think the best businesses and the most interesting businesses will reflect that and create a culture where they see people reach their full potential. Employees are not just encouraged to get involved outside of their strict remit, it is an absolute given that they will have to.”

Jason believes Simply Business is part of a vibrant economy because “in a market that is lazy, in a market that is opaque and in a market that does not have transparency, we’re trying to create products and services that customers want and solve problems for them at the same time to simplify their lives.”

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