Professor Janet Hemingway CBE

Professor Janet Hemingway CBE

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Janet-Hemingway-headshot-YB-PROFILEFor all of humanity’s technological and cultural achievements, disease outbreaks such as the recent Ebola and Zika crises are constant reminders of mankind’s fragility.

Janet Hemingway has dedicated her life to fighting tropical disease, and as director of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has “rebuilt [the school] to ensure that it is a centre of excellence that impacts directly and positively on health nationally and internationally”.

The school exists to save lives in resource poor countries through research, education and capacity strengthening. The nature of the threat means Janet always has to be looking forward to “the next big challenge and meeting that head on – I don’t do retrospective”. She describes her responsibilities as “facilitating the broader work of the organisation by generating the facilities and financial support needed for staff to excel”.

Janet is behind the first large-scale resistance management programme to test the long-term public health effects of insecticide application models. She believes that “business is inherently part of society… if it is not sound, ethical and well-run it will not achieve its goals”. For her, the biggest day-to-day challenge can often be keeping that “family feel” of trust and respect in a team now composed of 160 people.

Janet also takes a leading role in instilling a business approach in the outlook of her academic colleagues. She sees a vibrant economy as one rich in cross-sector collaboration, where academia does not sit in an ivory tower.

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