Janet Boyce

Janet Boyce

CFO, Bacanora Lithium

Soft, silvery-white and the lightest metal in the world, lithium is hailed as the fuel that could drive the green revolution. Someone who knows more than most about the chemical element is Janet Boyce, CFO of AIM-listed Bacanora Lithium.

Bacanora is developing the world’s next major lithium project in Sonora, Mexico, where there are an estimated five million tonnes of lithium carbonate resources. Due to the automotive industry’s thirst for sophisticated battery technology, the value of lithium could quadruple by 2020.

“With a 35,000 tonnes per annum operation at Sonora, Bacanora will be a significant industry player,” Janet says. “I am committed to putting Mexico on the lithium supplier map, alongside other Latin American countries and creating more jobs and opportunities.”

Under Janet’s direction, Bacanora is enjoying success in Asian and U.K. markets where it has strong relationships with several large institutional investors.

Janet credits her business success to perseverance and teamwork, “Knowing yourself and sticking to your values is key. Commercial success is dependent on empowering people to work towards a common goal.”

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Janet Boyce
CFO, Bacanora Lithium

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