Jamie Hartzell

Jamie Hartzell

Founder, Ethex and Serial Social Entrepreneur

Jamie is one of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs and an investor in a wide range of social businesses. He is the Chair of fair trade companies Divine Chocolate and Spare Fruit and was Chair of Zaytoun, an importer of food products from Palestine.

His is the Founder of Ethex, which acts as an alternative to the stock exchange, making it easier to make positive investments. The investment platform enables its 10,000 registered users to back organisations with a positive social purpose.

Jamie had the idea to start Ethex after raising money for his business, Ethical Property Company. He decided against joining the London Stock Exchange, feeling that traditional exchanges would not understand offering social, financial and environmental returns in equal measure. Frustrated with a lack of alternatives, Jamie stepped down from the Ethical Property Company in 2011 to create Ethex.

“I want business to make the world a better place.”

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I want business to make the world a better place.
Jamie Hartzell
Founder, Ethex and Serial Social Entrepreneur

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