Dr James McKenzie

Dr James McKenzie

PhotonStar LED

James McKenzie wants to shine a new kind of light on the UK. Based in Hampshire but manufacturing from Wales, PhotonStar LED designs and produces high quality eco-lighting for use in the commercial and architectural markets.

Since completing his PhD in Optics, Dr James McKenzie worked for a variety of design and manufacturing companies in the field of lighting and LEDs. The experience and expertise James gained in these roles led him to start PhotonStar in 2007.

Working alongside architects, lighting designers and house builders, the company provides recyclable lighting solutions for a variety of settings. Its products are particularly unique in the industry: they are mostly constructed from recycled materials generating 90% less CO2, as well as offering vastly improved functionality when compared with products with similar capabilities.

James has led PhotonStar from the beginning. In 2008 he launched the first product range and two years later he oversaw the company’s admittance to the Alternative Investment Market. He was formerly CEO of Mesophotonics Ltd, a venture-capitalist-backed photonic crystal technology business spun out of Southampton University.

With an established reputation for innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable LED solutions, James and PhotonStar may just shine a light on the path to a greener, brighter future.

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